• Colour coded sling organiser bag!

    Colour coded sling organiser bag!

    No more tangled slings…no more lost time searching for the right length in the right colour! it’s time to get organised

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  • Our Team

    With a background in manufacturing that goes back as far as 1978, we boast a professional team, who not only pride themselves in great craftsmanship but have great communication skills to help make it happen.

  • Craftsmanship

    Our bags are handmade, they start off as a flat piece of vinyl and turn into a finished bag ready to be packed for shipping. You'll see the quality difference! Because we have a craftsman at the machine, and quality control.

  • About delivery

    Our sling bags, are handmade in Australia, anything handmade can, and may have delays from time to time. We have a great assembly method in place, and will always go out of our way to get your order sent out on time!



  • KTB Crane Hire Kelse Phillips

    These bags have saved the day for me, the front storage area in my franna was a mess! Now I can find the right length slings straight away. Cheers Kelso

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    Testimonial Art Craft Crazy ArtCraftCrazy.com

    It has been a pleasure working on Colour Coded Sling Bag Organiser website and social media group, I hope you enjoy navigating round the site and checkout facebook.

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Our Bags are colour coded and printed, so you can easily find the right size sling in an instance!

- Kelse Phillips


  • Colour coded sling organiser bags

    Colour coded sling organiser bags

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