About Us

We are Kelse and Donna Phillips the designer and creators, of the original Colour Coded Sling Bag Organiser —bags. An Australian owned business, and in true Australian form we have a nick name “Sling Bag”. The idea was thought of by Kelse Phillips, an advanced Rigger and Crane owner operator, who has been in the construction industry for 33 yrs.

Along with his brother Jason a Dogman and crane operator, we were just sick and tired of the mess in the tool box when it come to getting the slings out ready for use. Not only was looking through tangled slings a time waster, it was unproductive, we are paying wages over and over again to do this same routine, daily! not anymore, not for me anyway.

About the idea

What if we had a bag that was colour coded for the tonnage, and had the sling length on it. “Kelse said” and the brothers talked about it for months…

If our slings are organised in bags we could see them at a glance no matter where they are, in the crane, the ute, the container even in the store room! And, wouldn’t it be a good idea if we customised the bags, and brand them with Company Logo’s and unit numbers.

This was such an innovative idea we got straight onto our connections and our first prototype was made. While our samples were being hand made by our machinest and QA John, our printers using the latest technology were running off test prints.

We were working on a strategy on how we were going to get our sling bags out to you, our valued end users, yep we really want you to buy from us, because we put a lot of work into these these little beauties!


Our Mission

To prevent Riggers suffering —sling tangle annoyance
world wide.

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Our Vision

To be recognised as a world leader in construction product design  — that increases productivity and safety.

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our SLING ORGANISER BAGS have been designed especially for the Crane & Construction Industry.

We are in NSW Australia
Colour Coded Sling Bag Organiser is another innovative idea from down under! thought of by hands on, franna crane operator and advanced rigger.

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Once you become our customer we would be happy to put your smiling face on our website with your sling bags, and give your business name a plug! And if your really brave, I’ll do a testimonial video for you, ask me how.

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