Colour coded sling bag reveal

All new colour coded sling bag reveal, it’s happened, tidy those tangled slings, with an original sling bag, colour coded, printed with sling the length. It’s exciting times in the construction industry when someone comes up with something new, it’s brand new!

An original and innovative idea a sling organiser bag, colour coded and printed with the sling length.

Colour coded sling bag reveal

It’s been a long time getting it all ready because I had to stop for surgery just after we got everything started, what a pain that was! We would have been revealing a lot sooner if I have not had to take time off.

Here we are, with a new lens filter, a bright sunny day, 2 amateur actors, fingers crossed. Guess what, it all worked!

Colour Coded Sling Bag Organiser — do you own slings, are they always tangled?

We had a very interesting day, our first ever video and photo shoot in preparation for our sling bag launch.

The video and the photo’s will be posted throughout this website. My husband Kelse (crane operator) and my brother-in-law Jason (dogman) are rock stars! lol.

It was a long day of directing and shooting and there’s more to do tomorrow, here’s a sneak peak of our sling bag.







We have put a lot of work into getting to this stage, because we wanted to make a quality bag. Because i’m sure your sick of all the crap that’s being sold out there at the moment. It’s a throw away society, well not with these bags, there made to last, we guarantee it.

You can order your colour coded sling bags now through our online shop, watch some video’s or check out the gallery.

For any reason (blaim technology) if the shop fails to work, send us a message or contact us.
Cheers, Donna Phillips


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