Colour coded sling organiser bags

Colour coded sling organiser bags

The shop is officially OPEN, Colour coded sling organiser bags are ready to sell. We’ve done all the ground work and we’re looking forward to sending out, and placing these bags on as many worksites as we can reach.  Sling Bags are printed and handmade here in Australia and really handle our harsh climate without any worries what soever. You’ll notice the quality as soon as you open your delivery.

The Crane and Construction Industry has been evolving now for many years and these safety orientated sling organiser bags are just the thing in keeping up with the times. Here’s what the safety team from Singleton had to say about them…

Colour coded Sling Organiser Bags

Wow! they’re fantastic, what a great system! so simple yet effective.
Video below showing how easy they are to use, and how little space they take up!

We have been using the bags for 12 months now, testing them on and offsite. The colours haven’t faded because they have a UV rating and the machinist has made them to last, yep manufacturing has been first class, and passed the test.

Of cause they get dirty and that’s unavoidable in this industry, but the colour of the bag isn’t printed on, it’s dyed into the vinyl, and is the same colour on the outside as the inside. You can still noticeably identify the colours without issue.

Check out this video showing how easy Colour coded sling organiser bags are to use, and how little space they take up!




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