Sling bags save time

It’s simple sling bags save time, products are created to either get you to spend time, or save time. Are you constantly looking for ways to save time? Colour coded sling bag organiser can save time for Riggers in the crane and Construction Industry.

My husband Kelse has come up with this fantastic idea to save you heaps of time. Instead of searching the front toolbox of your crane looking for the three, 3 tonne slings you need for your lift, get some of our sling bags and have them packed up ready to go, sling bags save time!

products are created to either get you to spend time, or save time — Sling Bags Save Time






We know all about time management and how important it is to keep your project on schedule, plus you want to look professional when you turn up onsite, have a reputation for quality workmanship, and increased productivity for your Clients.




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